How To Choose Your Solar Lighting

How to Choose Solar Lighting

Technological advances in solar powered energy have delivered higher quality lighting at cheaper prices.

Normally, there is far less needed to install solar lights. Solar units are more flexible to install because they don’t require a 240 volt supply.

The quality and performance of solar lighting has improved a lot during the past few years.

Power consumption requirements have been reduced with the use of LED bulbs, which also give increased illumination. In order to be able to charge fully, solar lighting used to need lots of direct sunlight.

Improvements in solar panel technology have led to improvements in the light required in order to harvest the suns energy. Solar technology is developing fast and is expected to continue to do so.

There are many different types of solar lights. Wall lighting: Lantern Style. Hanging or post type lights. Many different fairy light designs. Recessed spot lighting for decking applications. Security and spot lights.

Some compact designs of solar lighting contain integrated solar panels. Other have a wired panel that can be positioned elsewhere to harness the suns rays. It will depend on the positioning of your lights as to which type of design is the best for you. The best direction to position your lights can be found at who also offer great garden lighting.

Integrated light units often have smaller solar panels and so require more light in order to function well.

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External panels, correctly positioned will charge lights faster and more reliably as they can be placed in the ideal location for maximum sunlight. The other important factor, which will affect the performance of your solar lights is the quality of the rechargeable battery within the light. Most factory fitted batteries are bought as cheaply as possible rather than being chosen for their long term performance.

Get the best Performance from your Lights

Where you site your solar lights will determine how well they can work. The more daylight hours of direct sunlight your lights can receive, the better they will work. Direct sunlight will charge your lights fastest, shady conditions will extend the charging time needed.

Avoid siting your lights where they will be shaded by trees or buildings as this will affect their performance. Solar lighting performance is set to be driven by advances in both solar panel and battery technology advances. The annual sales of renewable energy solar products rises each year and is set to continue to do so.

Our energy supply on earth is finite. Solar energy not only helps to reduce your energy consumption, but is environmentally friendly too.

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